Sarita Tabarez

I love my apartment, as does everybody who knows me.  All agree it fits me like a glove.  I got everything I asked for.  Paul managed every detail from supervising the gutting of the apartment to helping me select an antique silver cutlery set at a flea market in Paris.

Paul came up with ideas that I never would have come up with on my own, like silver-leafing the living room ceiling.  Initially I thought it would be too much, but in the end it was subtle, a key but subtle component in a very luxurious and full design.

My bedroom is regarded by many as the sexiest bedroom in NY with its deep red plaster walls and hand-carved shutters and doors from India.  It is such a romantic environment, it instantly transports me to another part of the world.

I cannot necessarily see a complex design in its parts but eventually trusted Paul's  vision for meeting all of my practical and aesthetic criteria in innovative ways.

Paul’s greatest strength is in his creativity and, when given the opportunity, I always try to encourage his new clients to foster that as they will be rewarded for it.  He knows his work inside and out.

Whenever I have a design project, whether it's for work or home, there's one call I make – to Paul.


Sarita Tabarez