Oliver Hugh-Jones

When I was working in New York a few years back I desired an apartment with a bit of a more European sensibility. I was raised in England, traveled a lot in life and frankly was a bit bored by the options for living arrangements I could afford at the time.  I took a simple ‘walk up’ in Hoboken, wanted to overhaul it, knew that my days in the States were likely numbered and so I had to treat it like an investment property.

Paul and his staff took on the assignment with great enthusiasm. They made astute suggestions to spend more money in some areas and less in others that made perfect sense in the end.  It turned out that I wasn’t in the apartment for very long.  Soon after it was done, I moved back to England.  I sold the apartment quickly and for my asking price.

Ochs Design achieved a lot on a limited budget.  All who visited were very impressed with the creative solutions.  The place felt much more hip, fresh and modern when we were done yet still an entirely warm and comfortable place to be, not cold like so many other modern flats I have seen.

Paul designed a few custom furniture pieces that I could not bear to leave behind.  They traveled back to England with me and serve as constant reminders of a successful project.

I can solidly recommend Ochs Design.


Oliver Hugh-Jones