Timon Malloy

After years of searching, I found the “Fixer-Upper” penthouse of my dreams.  Of course, it was full of space planning challenges.  Paul and his staff helped me through a protracted planning and analysis phase.  Numerous design approaches were explored as every square inch was carefully planned prior to construction. When construction finally started, Ochs Design introduced to the project a team of very capable craftsmen.     

The apartment in the end looks like no other.  It was creatively tailored to me and my specific individual needs and desires.  And during the entire process, I felt very much a collaborator.     

Years later, there is no doubt that our collaborative efforts have served me excellently.  The work has stood up well to years of heavy use by me as a bachelor and now with a young family. The appraisals done after construction reflect the increase in value, rendering the considerable sum of money spent well worth it financially as well as personally since my quality of life has been very satisfying. Every visitor to the apartment comments on the thoughtful and tasteful design.     

As a long time real estate developer, I can say that the Ochs Design approach allowed me to achieve the personal design I wanted and also to control costs throughout the process.  However, it was Paul’s personal knowledge of architectural and interior design and his ability to implement the design that truly stood out compared to the alternatives.


Timon Malloy