Victoria Lam

Paul has been through two major renovations with me: the first when I bought a long narrow apartment in which he had to create oodles of clever storage space, and the second when I was able to buy a neighboring apartment and wanted to fold it in without appearing obvious that we added on after the first renovation.

I did get an extraordinary amount of storage, cleverly achieved in various ways in different rooms.  And despite the difficult challenge, no one would ever get the sense that the apartment was a combination of two apartments, never mind the fact that it was done in two phases.

Paul brings a good team.  All of my requests were attended to and the work has held up well.

I feel my apartment looks like no other I have seen.  I appreciate that he is not bringing a standard bag of tricks to all of his projects.  He carefully considers the individuals for whom he is designing.

Basics like lighting, air flow, appropriate scale of seating arrangements and width of walkways are always part of every proposal Paul puts forth.  In other words, the fundamentals are always taken care of.  This provides me the security and comfort to concentrate on finer aesthetic points.

Thank you, Paul!

Victoria Lam