Tom Efinger

I have known and worked with Paul for 15 years.  I first hired him to do the interior design on my original 2000 square foot audio facility in Soho.  It all went so well that I hired him back again several years later for our 2500 ft expansion.  I have also hired him to design the entry foyer at my residence in Brooklyn, and we are currently working on plans for an additional renovation on the upper floors.

One thing you can always count on with Paul is great design.  He brings a fresh view in terms of style and materials.    He really did a wonderful job on my audio studio design.  From the light fixtures, to the great fabrics, to the natural fiber wall coverings, the studio is unique and looks great.

My clients are highly creative people working demanding hours.  Thus environment means a lot.  The stylish and comfortable surroundings have proven over and over again to be conducive to our work; we get compliments regularly on the interior design.

Last but not least, Paul is a pleasure to work with.  He is dedicated and attentive and just plain good company.


Tom Efinger