Jennifer Twomey

Several years ago, on the recommendation of my most artistic friend, I hired Ochs Design to combine and renovate my one bedroom pre-war with the adjacent studio I had just purchased to accommodate my second child.  It was a particularly difficult renovation due to the fact that each apartment contained a sunken floor in the main living area that limited the flexibility in re-working the space.  Ochs Design presented several inventive floor plan options.

I am the type of person who knows what I like but am unsure whether things ‘go together’.  This uncertainty has always paralyzed me when it came to investing in renovations and big ticket purchases like furniture, rugs, etc.  My favorite thing about working with Paul was that he enabled me to let my own creativity fly, while he provided the expert curator's eye, editing, guiding, and directing my choices.  Ochs Design introduced me to materials and ideas that would not have occurred to me on my own.

As a single mom with two small children and a collection of mismatched furniture, I was eager to create a happy home that fit my family's needs and expressed my personal style.  We furnished the newly renovated apartment from scratch. With the resources and relationships Paul has cultivated, we had opportunities to create custom designed fabrics, furniture, and we even designed my own rug at affordable prices! When done, the entire place had a very high-end quality throughout, felt clean and solidly constructed, was kid friendly and uniquely my own.  Ochs Design was dedicated to seeing the project through to the end, following through on the seemingly endless details.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I set out to sell the apartment in a cooled down market.  It showed beautifully and prospective buyers noted and commented on the high quality materials throughout and the comfortable layout. A few even inquired about buying the apartment furnished as everything worked so perfectly in the space. Working with Ochs Design proved to be a solid investment.

From what I have seen and personally experienced, Ochs Design creates unique, premium quality, artfully done homes.  I am recently remarried and am currently working on my new home with Paul.


Jennifer Twomey