Niels Sorensen

In 2005 I had the opportunity to buy the penthouse apartment I had been living in for several years as the building converted from rental apartments to condominiums apartments.  I did so even though I had plans to leave NYC soon after, returning to Denmark, my home country.  I looked at it as a possible good business opportunity requiring two essentials: strict adherence to budget and strict adherence to schedule.

I hired the team at Ochs Design and did extremely well.  They specified and priced every aspect of the project in advance accurately and hired the team of contractors on my behalf to execute a large renovation within the short time allotted.  

The return on my investment was exceptional.  I believe I did so well because the project was superbly researched and tightly planned.  

I can wholeheartedly recommend Ochs Design.  I very much appreciate how straightforward the transaction was considering all the warnings I had heard about residential renovations being tricky and unpredictable territory.


Niels Sorensen